Mauricio Villamil


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Welcome to where you can find all of  Mauricio Villamil’s  work on visual effects for films, showreel, cv, etc.

I am a a CG Generalist, focusing on LookDevelopment and Lighting, with 14 years experience working in the VFX industry for feature film and most recently television series. I have a background as a fine art painter and photographer, with a refined eye for detail and a mixture of artistic flair and technical ability.

Experience Texturing, UV layout, and in Lighting: IBL, HDRIs, light extraction, light matching CG elements to plates in a photo-real manner in a linear workflow. Building of HDRIs from scratch (photography of bracketed exposures and panorama stitching), white balance and colour correction of HDRIs to shot plates. Lighting in Maya and Houdini. Lighting of characters, environments and FX.

Experience with Mental Ray,  Renderman and Vray, Python for Maya and MEL. Maya expert with good working compositing skills in Nuke and also photoshop.

I have knowledge and experience of writing Renderman shaders in the RSL, my aspiration is to get more involved with writing Renderman shaders and look development, please have a look at the page -Renderman & Houdini- where I explain how to write  Renderman shaders that support AOV (arbitrary output variables ), that write all kinds of different passes from the same shaders in a Houdini – Renderman environment.

Companies and projects I have worked for include:

Zoic Studios, Vancouver – Canada: ( CG Generalist a -Lighting / LookDevelopment ) working on “Once upon a time” TV Series.

Digital Domain – Vancouver-Canda ( CG Generalist a -Lighting / LookDevelopment ) Working on “Pixels”

Airbud Entertainment: Lighting and Look Development in a number of children movies of the “Airbud” Franchise.

Industrial Light & Magic – Vancouver-.  (Pacific Rim) – Mathcmove

MPC -Vancouver-   MPC- Vancouver I had the Joy of working on:

Sherlock Holmes 2  (2011) and Jack the Giant Killer (Stereo) (2011) – Lighting

Feature films I have worked on previously ( Double Negative – London) – Matchmove and Layout:

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

The Bourne Ultimatum

Cassino Royale

HellBoy 2 (Bid sequences for DNeg)

Britz ( tv 3 part series)

Also I have worked for the “Architctural Visualization” Industry  at “Rock Hunter – Architectural Visuaization” London, Uk.


MA Digital Effects – NCCA- Bournemouth University – NCCA-  Bournemouth University, Bournemouth -UK-

BA(Hons) Computer Visualization and Animation – NCCA-  Bournemouth University, Bournemouth -UK-

Ba(Hons) Fine Arts -Painting- Universidad Nacional De Colombia

I have worked in the VFX industry and have credits in the films mentioned above, I have also worked in the Architectural Visualization Industry. I have taught 3D Animation and Visual Effects courses  at University level as a visiting lecturer. I have a mixture of technical ( programming and scripting, RSL shader writing) and artistic ( drawing , painting) skills and training to postgraduate level, and all of this reflects my passion for “the image” whether digital or traditional. Love film and photography.

I am a Linux power user with a systems admin certification from Red Hat Europe (RH135), as such I conducted the design and implementation of the Linux pipeline for the Animation and VFX  at the Arts University College Bournemouth, as part of this implemented and maintained the Renderfarm  from the source code kindly donated by John Macey from the NCCA , Bournemouth University.